Duodenal Switch

Predicted 70-80% Excess Weight Loss

The modern duodenal switch was developed in 1998 and is a surgical procedure that combines elements of a sleeve gastrectomy with an intestinal bypass.

The duodenal switch, or “DS”, is considered the most effective bariatric procedure because it results in the greatest amount of weight lost and, generally, the most dramatic improvement in weight-related conditions, especially type II diabetes. This option is for patients with a body mass index (BMI) greater than 50 or for patients who experienced weight gain after a prior bariatric surgery.

The first step of the surgery is to create a sleeve gastrectomy that leaves a slightly larger area of stomach than a traditional sleeve gastrectomy but still removes a significant portion. The next step of the surgery is the creation of the intestinal bypass. This is like the “Y” shaped intestinal connection of a gastric bypass, but much farther down the length of the intestine, which therefore drives more hormonal changes, less absorption of calories, and more aversion to high-calorie foods.

This surgery requires a technically demanding connection of the end of the sleeve – at the first portion of the intestine, called the duodenum — to the intestine, which is why some surgical centers do not offer this procedure. At Emerson we take several precautions by involving both surgeons and using an endoscopic tool to complete this step of the procedure. The procedure typically takes about two hours, and most patients go home two days after surgery. The DS can be performed as a single procedure with one operation, or as two separate operations.

The Benefits of a Duodenal Switch Procedure

  • Highest percentage of weight loss across all procedures
  • Most successful in reducing or eliminating diabetes, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia
  • Dramatic reduction in hunger and appetite due to the removal of the portion of the stomach, which produces GHRELIN (hunger hormone)
  • Excellent option for patients with a high BMI

Stephen's Success Story will Inspire You

Thirty years ago, Stephen Previte made the Division 1 football team at Syracuse University. Today, he runs around the trauma center where he works, taking care of critically-ill patients. During the years in between, he experienced significant weight gain that affected his heart and left him nearly immobile. Hear from Stephen in his own words about why he had bariatric duodenal switch surgery at Emerson Health, and how the weight loss significantly improved his life.

Duodenal Switch Weight Loss Surgery

Our goal is to ensure you have all the information you need to make a confident and informed decision when determining if a duodenal Switch is right for you. Sign-up to access our free information session, and request a consultation with an Emerson surgeon to discuss your needs and learn what procedure is right for you.

Qualifying for Surgery

Qualifications for weight-loss surgery is based on national guidelines from the National Institute of Health and American College of Surgeons. To qualify, an individual must possess BMI and *PLUS weight-related comorbidity:

The First Step:
Information Session

The first step to achieving your weight-loss goals is to register for a free information session. Emerson Health’s bariatric surgeons and Center for Weight Loss team members provide an overview of the surgical weight loss program, including a description of the surgical weight loss procedure options available, how they work, and their risks and benefits.

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