Patient Success Stories

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Our Patients' Non-Scale Victories

Learn how our patients’ lives are transformed after surgery. Watch their inspring stories and see how their physical and mental health improves.

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Chrissy's Weight Loss Story
Learn about Chrissy’s weight loss journey. Chrissy lost over 130 pounds on the path to reclaiming her health with Gastric Bypass Surgery.
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Kathleen's Weight Loss Story
Kathleen explains how weight loss surgery helped her overcome chronic pain with Gastric Bypass Surgery.
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Mikey's Weight Loss Story
At nearly 400 pounds, Mike decided to have weight loss surgery. Today, he is living a full, happy, and active life. Watch his story.
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Steve's Weight Loss Story
Steve explains how bariatric surgery helped him become not just healthier, but a better guitar player too.
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Jenn's Weight Loss Story
Watch how bariatric surgery helped Jenn welcome a new addition to her family.
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Eric's Weight Loss Story
Eric suffered from Type 2 diabetes. After he had a stroke, he realized he needed to lose weight. Watch his life-changing story.
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Tammy's Weight Loss Story
Watch Tammy’s story and hear how she overcame health obstacles and is now living the life she dreamed of.
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Megan's Weight Loss Story
In this video, Megan shares how her world changed through bariatric surgery and she can now run, jump, and figure skate with her daughter again.
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Rosi's Weight Loss Story
Watch Rosi’s video about her life-changing experience that led to an amazing reunion with her husband, who was stationed overseas during her surgery.

Yeison's Story


Sleeve Gastrectomy

I wanted a healthier lifestyle without worrying about high blood pressure and all of the other complications I had.

Kerry's Story


Single-Stage Duodenal Switch

I needed a hip replacement for several years but could not have the procedure due to my weight.

Celina's Story


Bariatric Surgery

Celina lost more than 106 pounds – reaching her goal weight. She now focuses on maintaining her weight, staying fit, and living a new and happy life.

Heather's Story


Gastric Sleeve Surgery

“The staff made me feel weight loss surgery is not a stigma, they knew how hard I worked to lose weight. They were behind me every step of way,” said Heather.

Carl's Story


Revisional Bariatric Surgery

Emerson’s team is experienced with using modern methods for revisional bariatric procedures — with great success. Read about Carl’s journey.

Rebecca's Story


Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Learn more about her surgery experience, improved health, and fitness awards!

Kathleen's Story


Sleeve Surgery

Those who have bariatric surgery know the timing needs to be right. Then it’s a matter of finding a program

Stephen's Story


Duodenal Switch Surgery

Today, I weigh 240 pounds, nearly 60% less weight than before the surgery. My life has completely changed for the better.

Heather's Story


Sleeve Surgery

Not only has the surgery improved my life significantly, it improved the health of my whole family.

Your Journey to Overcoming Obesity Starts Here.

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