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Tired of Being Tired – Heather’s Weight Loss Journey
Heather Powell is a busy working mom. As a mental health counselor, she understands the importance of good health and wellness – physically and mentally. We asked Heather about her decision to have weight loss surgery with Dr. Laura Doyon, and her life just six months after surgery:
What motivated you to choose surgery?
My oldest son decided to go vegan and lost weight. He felt much better and became more active. Last summer he wanted to hike Mount Greylock with me and I was not able to do that. I was obese at 260 ounds and suffered from a knee injury. I realized I was tired of being tired and not feeling good all the time.
Why did you choose Emerson for your weight loss surgery?
Several people I know and trust had surgery at Emerson. They all experienced great results and had no complaints. I have several friends who are nurses and they recommended I go for it. I spoke with my primary care physician who also recommended it. I called Emerson’s Center for Weight Loss and James answered. He provided great information and answered all my questions. I watched the info session online and called the next day to make an appointment with Dr. Doyon.
What is your life like today?
I had the sleeve surgery in January 2023. After surgery I had no pain, no complications, no reflux. I felt fine. I was taking medicine for high blood pressure. I am now off my medication. I used to experience stomach issues. Since the surgery, my stomach issues went away. I go with my family on six mile hikes every weekend, we pick new trails and hike all over. My confidence and mood have improved tremendously. I get up in the morning and get things going right away. Before surgery I did not want to get out of bed and face the day. The surgery was the forced change that I needed.
Not only has the surgery improved my life significantly, it improved the health of my whole family. We are all more active and eating healthy. The surgery affected me and those I love in many positive ways.
Can you share some tips for those considering surgery?
  • Listen to your doctor. I do not do anything other than what the Surgical Weight Loss team tells me to do.
  • My biggest issue is that I continue to lose weight so it is hard to find clothes that fit. I learned the art of consigning. I buy inexpensive clothes every two to three months as my body changes.
  • Pay attention to your body and what you put in it – you are worth it!
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