Rebecca's Success Story

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Local Teacher Has Renewed Energy and Stamina after Revisional Weight Loss Surgery

Rebecca Gilman Scott is an eighth-grade English teacher in Weston. She always strives to give her
students her all, especially through the challenging pandemic. But the treatment that she received
during her battle with lupus disease resulted in significant weight gain, which depleted her energy and
made her reflux worse, making it difficult to perform her best.

As an athlete growing up, Rebecca played field hockey, ran long-distance track, and swam. Following
college, she continued to run and completed a triathlon. Shortly after her son was born, she was
diagnosed with lupus. “Lupus is an autoimmune disease where my immune system attacks healthy cells,
which can damage many parts of my body including my joints. I gained weight due to the side effects of
the medications I took to manage my lupus. But my extra weight increased my joint pain. It was a
difficult time.”

In April 2020, during the first surge of the pandemic, Rebecca knew she needed help. After reading
patient stories on Emerson’s Center for Weight Loss website, “I knew surgery could be a catalyst to
help lose weight and regain stamina. I had a consultation with Dr. Lautz. I trusted him based on his
experience. He is very knowledgeable, personable, and caring – I knew he was the right person to have
on my team.”

Gastric Sleeve Surgery with Hiatal Hernia Repair

After discussing options with Dr. Lautz and the team at the Center for Weight Loss, Rebecca decided to
have gastric sleeve surgery to lose weight, and repair her hiatal hernia, to try to alleviate her reflux.

Dr. Lautz advised her that gastric sleeve surgery would treat the obesity. The hiatal hernia repair might
relieve the reflux. This approach works for many patients, but not everyone due to unique body
compositions. Dr. Lautz suggested Rebecca start with gastric sleeve surgery with hiatal hernia repair
and consider gastric bypass as a revision surgery in the future, if needed.

Rebecca had gastric sleeve surgery and hiatal hernia repair in August 2020. While she lost about sixty
pounds from her high of 258, her painful reflux remained. “I knew it was a possibility that my reflux
would remain. It works for some people but did not work for me.”

Revision Surgery to Cure Reflux and Reach Goals

Based on discussions with Dr. Lautz, eight months after her first surgery, Rebecca had a revision surgery – a gastric bypass – to help ease her reflux and avoid some of the complications that can occur with the medications she takes for Lupus.

“Bariatric procedures are life-saving, but every patient has different results. At Emerson’s Center for
Weight Loss, we have a more supportive patient approach than many centers. If a patient struggles
after a procedure, we continue to work with them to identify a long-term solution. We look closely to
identify the cause of their symptoms and offer targeted revisions to help patients feel better and reach
their goals. This approach is why patients come to us from all over New England,” explained Dr. Lautz.

Successful Life Transformation
“I was much more comfortable after the revision. I could eat without feeling sick, and it was easy to maintain portion control. Almost immediately after surgery, my reflux was gone. I no longer have to take medication for it,” said Rebecca.
After recovering from revision surgery, Rebecca joined a high-intensity, team-training fitness gym. “The trainers and clients brought back my inner-athlete, and I was able to do fitness routines that I had not been able to do for decades! Weight loss surgery can improve your life. I recommend people learn about it and be open to the idea.”
Today, Rebecca has much more stamina. She breathes easily, even wearing a face mask for long hours while teaching. Her family is thrilled to have her fully participate in high-energy activities. “They see me smiling brighter, with increased energy and self-esteem. Today I weigh 132 pounds and feel like my active, positive self again.”
Everyone has been supportive, and the results are truly life-changing in the best ways. Before my surgeries, I was taking six medications a day. Today, I only take one prescription to control my lupus. Thank you to Dr. Lautz and Emerson’s Center for Weight Loss for guiding my transformation. I am truly grateful.”
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