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Clinician at a Top Boston Trauma Center Gains Years of Life with Weight Loss Surgery
Thirty years ago, Stephen Previte made the Division 1 football team at Syracuse University. Today, he runs around the trauma center where he works, taking care of critically-ill patients. During the years in between, he experienced significant weight gain that affected his heart and left him nearly immobile. Hear from Stephen in his own words about why he had bariatric duodenal switch surgery at Emerson Health, and how the weight loss significantly improved his life.
“When you gain a pound a week, it adds up quickly. In 2014, my cardiologist diagnosed me with an irregular heartbeat due to my weight – at the time I weighed 569 pounds. I applied for disability insurance and took a leave of absence from work as a physician assistant in the Level One trauma center at one of Boston’s top academic medical centers. I was quickly approaching immobility. I knew I needed to do something to lose weight and reclaim my life.
The physicians I work with recommended I see Dr. Lautz at Emerson’s Center for Weight Loss. I called him in March 2014 and he told me to come for an evaluation. He fast-tracked my surgery because he knew I was in tough shape. In May 2014 I had a sleeve gastrectomy at Emerson. In the nine months following surgery, I lost 170 pounds and was starting to feel better.
Over time, I gained ninety pounds back. Like many people, I experienced a lot of stress in my life, including the loss of my brothers. I did not handle the stress well, eating was my crutch. I thought I might die due to my weight.
I called Dr. Lautz in early 2022 and he recommended the duodenal switch surgery. This procedure often works well for patients who experience significant weight gain after prior bariatric surgery. I weighed 490 pounds the day of my duodenal switch surgery.
Saving Lives at Work – and Enjoying Life Again
Today, I weigh 240 pounds, nearly 60% less weight than before the surgery. My life has completely changed for the better. I now have the stamina and energy needed to easily keep up with my colleagues, as we work to provide the very best patient care we can in a busy Emergency Room. Bariatric surgery combined with sticking to the plan after surgery is life changing
My cardiologist gave me a hug at my last checkup, he was so proud of me. My heart is in good shape. Food is now an unimportant part of my life. I eat to live, instead of living to eat. Recently I played tennis for the first time in twenty-five years.
I play the guitar because I can now hold it close to my body. I plan to travel on a cruise and go camping – things I could not physically do before. I have a life again that I never thought I would get back. Going through the weight loss procedures helped me gain at least a decade of time that I would not have if I stayed obese. I owe this to Dr. Lautz and the whole team at Emerson.”
Stephen recommends these tips for people considering bariatric surgery:
Understand that the procedures are not a quick fix to weight loss – they are life-changing for the better. It will take time for the full effects to be realized.

There is a mental component to the weight loss journey, it is important to understand this. Talk with the team at Emerson and they will explain everything, including which procedures are best for you.

You will know when you are ready for the procedure – talk with your surgeon and ask all of your questions about the surgery and life after. The surgeons and staff are wonderful and will provide you with all of the information you need.
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